Scientific leads: Nikki Brand (TU Delft), Hub Zwart (EUR).
The Methodology theme deals with the challenges posed by convergence applied to complex issues in the delta regions. Methodological innovation is required to move beyond knowledge fragmentation and answer the following questions.

  • How to make scientists work together from different disciplines (sometimes far apart)?
  • How to integrate knowledge from non-academic partners (local [citizen, governmental] initiatives, industry‚Ķ)?
  • How to involve societal partners, in particular citizens (of poor neighborhoods), with whom the distance to academia is largest?

The Methodology program follows two lines of activity:

  • Advice to the three other Resilient Delta themes regarding their approach, with the aim of supporting the whole Resilient Delta initiative in organizing collaboration between different disciplines (organization of convergence) and dealing with knowledge fragmentation outside of academia (transdisciplinary work, co-creation with societal and economical partners, citizen participation).
  • Knowledge acquisition by iteratively learning from the three other Resilient Delta themes: what works, what does not work, experimenting with new methods and approaches.

Ultimately, the knowledge acquired by Methodology is expected to also be useful to the two other Delft/Rotterdam Convergence initiative, and beyond Convergence, to all initiatives dealing with complex societal issues.